The Suisse Shop

Between Thanksgiving #1 (on Thanksgiving) and Thanksgiving #2 (later today), my bf and I had the opportunity to come back home and hunker down for 24 hours to celebrate his 31st birthday. Last year we celebrated his 30th with about 40 of our favorite people with a party/house warming but this year we opted to turn the lights down, admire the Christmas tree and cook at home.

My parents had recently swung through Columbus on their drive home from NYC where the collected all the holiday treats we will be eating between now and New Years Day (including dried cod–bacala, duck, mozzarella, Italian bread, cookies from Veneiro’s, fish and meat, etc, etc, etc) so we were able to add some really delicious ingredients to baked ziti including pancetta, Italian sausage and really delicious mozzarella.

But no birthday is complete without a great cake. My bf and I attended a wedding almost two years ago and he still talks about how good the cake was so I contacted the bride and tried to figure out if I could afford this cake. Turns out I could. The cake is suisse almond with buttercream from the Suisse Shop. I explained to the woman on the phone that it’s only the two of us and the birthday celebration will be sandwiched between two days when we plan to gorge ourselves so I only need a small cake. Thankfully they make something they refer to as Cute Cakes. They’re five inches high, 2-layered replicas of the large cakes they make. I was able to order a suisse almond with buttercream with raspberry in between layers for only $15. The next challenge however was picking it up before they closed.

Thankfully my office closes at 3pm the day before holidays and I was able to make my slow and traffic packed way up to Polaris Parkway. Once I stepped into the bakery all my frustrations about the rude people on the highway melted. The cake looked so great! Somehow I was able to hide the cake in the back of the fridge until its debut last night. My bf was surprised and very excited to dig into the cake. He said it tasted just like he remembered.
2119 Polaris Pkwy
Columbus, OH 43240
(614) 846-5102