Grand(view) Changes

I had to run to Grandview today. I used to live there for years before I moved this past summer. I love Grandview and there have been a lot of changes recently!

Everyone knows about the Grandview Avenue fire last month. Just awful. Such a loss, those beautiful buildings. Hopefully they’ll be rebuilt to match the flavor of Grandview but realistically it might just look like those new green condos on Broadview. Eek!

Walgreens just went up at 3rd and Grandview. I realize competition is good but now 5th and Grandview looks like a generic corner in any other generic town. Grandview is anything but generic!

There’s a new restaurant coming to Grandview. New American Bistro is opening in Spring of this year. It was really sad when EJ’s Canyon Cafe failed to thrive on its own after splitting from Gibby’s. I really liked EJ, the guy. He was super likeable, he had a great staff and made a lot of improvements when he bought out his portion of Gibby’s however the restaurant just didn’t last (hell, none of the other Gibby’s did either). I had many a happy adult beverage in that cozy place.

According to the sign, New American Bistro will be a “fast paced, high volume, clean and extremely professional restaurant. Everything on the menu will be prepared from scratch and made-to-order featuring extraordinary local, organic, and artisan ingredients. It will be a unique company, locally owned, growing quickly, and absolutely committed to excellence.” Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

If you’re looking for a job, you missed their interviews on Feb 17th (as posted on Craigslist). However the sign says to contact them at for job information.

There is so much more happening in Grandview. Here’s an incomplete list:
• A nice looking beer/wine store replaced the ugly Circle K next to the new location of Cow Town Pizza at 3rd and Grandview. Maybe this will get those last couple condos sold on 3rd at Grandview Ave.
• The Drexel Grandview is closed however a former theater manager is goign to reopen it, renaming it Grandview Theatre. More info at http://Grandview
• The run down, gross motel at Dublin and Grandview Ave. was finally demolished at the end of the summer and a Mexican restaurant replaced Tee Jays on Dublin. Anyone been there? Is it good?
• Snap Fitness 24/7 opened on 3rd. I hear they’re going to open another in German Village.
• Lastly, Dewey’s Pizza, which originated in Cincinnati, open up across from Taco Bell on 5th. It’s very popular in Cinci and I’ve eaten there many times. I’ll post more on that after I eat there this weekend!

One Response to “Grand(view) Changes”

  1. When we lived in Grandview it was directly across from the Snap Fitness 24/7. During the time we lived there it was an appliance repair shop, American Home Furnishings and a children’s bedroom place. I’m really surprised it hasn’t been turned into a restaurant but a fitness place is probably a pretty good use of the space.

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