Dewey’s Pizza

I went to Dewey’s Pizza in Grandview today–Finally! Dewey’s has now been opened a full week now and I feel like I hear a lot of rave reviews on twitter. I am pumped to have Dewey’s so close to home instead of traveling to Cincinnati to enjoy it!

One thing I noticed when I came to Cbus is there is no need for Papa John’s or Pizza Hut. Columbus has some of the best independent pizza places(my fav. being Panzera’s). While most of them are carry out, Dewey’s offers you the option of dining in. And you should take them up on the offer. Dewey’s is modernly decorated, well staffed, and even offers a view of the kitchen staff tossing dough inside the glass enclosed kitchen.

At Dewey’s you can create your own pizza with all the typical pizza toppings you can think of. You can also get a little creative with one of the eight types of cheese or even black bean corn salsa.

Dewey’s has a solid list of specialty pizzas and you can try them twice as fast by ordering two different halves on your pizza at no extra cost. So for our two 17″ pizzas we had four different types:

• Edgar Allan Poe (olive oil, mozz-fontina cheeseblend, shrooms, roasted garlic, kalamata olives, goat cheese, fresh tomatoes)
• Bronx Bomber (red sauce, mozz. chs., pep, sausage, shrooms, onions, green pep, black olives)
• Green Lantern (red sauce, mozz., minced garlic, shrooms, goat cheese, artichokes, pesto)
• And their seasonal special which was like hot wings on pizza!

Of course this was after a house salad (perfectly sweet with goat cheese, pine nuts, and cranberries) and peppercorn ranch salad (just enough dressing to get a good coating but not overdoing it). And a couple beers: Schrimshaw and Brooklyn Brown Ale.

I know I sound like they’re paying me to say all of these great things –i wish– or that I’m just repeating the menu –I used it for reference– but Dewey’s is just makes a great tasting pizza, with unique specialties, delicious simple salads, and offers a great bear selection (and wine but who drinks wine with pizza?). Dewey’s settling in Grandview seems like the perfect fit. It’s too damn bad I just moved out of Grandview… I wonder if German Village wants a Dewey’s?

Check out the details at

3 Responses to “Dewey’s Pizza”

  1. Great review!

    Are you coming to our Pizza Grand Prix event on Saturday? Great opportunity for everyone to try out loads of local pizza shops from all over town, all in one spot. 😀

  2. Dewey’s is my favorite pizza place in Ohio as it stands. I fell in love with Dewey’s while living in Cincinnati for a year and have been dying for one since we moved to Columbus. The difference for me is that I’m not actually a fan of most Columbus pizzas…at least the ones I’ve tried. Hound Dogs probably comes closest. I’m more of a NY Style pizza kind of guy. For me, Dewey’s in Columbus is a godsend.

    @walkerevens thanks for the tip on the Pizza Grand Prix!

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