Bistro 86, Asian Fusion

On a recent Saturday night my boyfriend and I found ourselves starving around 8:00 p.m. We had to eat immediately! We knew where to go: Bistro 86. We knew what to expect; quick service, delicious food, reasonble prices.

Bistro 86 is unique because they offer Asian Fusion dishes. One such dish is the Southwest Pad Thai complete with corn kernels and chipotle peppers. Saturday we started with the Calamari 86. It was extremely hot and fresh. The sweet and spicy calamari melted in your mouth. I had thai spicy noodles with basil as my meal. The portion is really large and full of miniature corn cobs, fresh red pepper, and green beans. I had the best Monday brownbag lunch with those leftovers.

My boyfriend loved the calamari before he dug into his order of General Tso’s. He said he loves the sweet flavor and enjoys the spiciness. Other notable dishes include the original espresso chicken. It’s a blend of tropical fruits and kona coffee sauce.

Bistro 86 opened on Goodale, near Grandview Avenue, in 2007. It is a seemingly bad location considering Goodale is not the busy pedestrian area that Grandview Avenue is, although there are sidewalks along Goodale so you can walk there from Grandview Avenue.

Bistro 86 has evolved in the short time it’s been open. It was newly remodeled upon opening but the walls were left white. Recently the walls were painted with a rich red color. Back in 2007 Bistro 86 didn’t have a liquor license and they allowed customers to bring in their own adult beverages. Now you can order your favorite cocktail from their stocked bar while keeping an eye on the flat screen TV.

I once brought 15 members of my gregarious Italian family into Bistro 86 on a Sunday afternoon. We had great service from the patient server. She made great recommendations and helped us around some food alergies we have in our family. We also realized the one good thing about Bistro 86’s location–when the circus leaves town the elephants are guided right past the restaurant! So get a table on May 17, 2009 when the Ringling Bros finish their weekend in Columbus! Hopefully by then we’ll need to make reservations!

Bistro 86, Asian Fusion Cuisine
1223 Good Blvd
Grandview Heights, OH 43212
614 221 1288

One Response to “Bistro 86, Asian Fusion”

  1. Agreed that the location is a bit weird. Sort of out of the way, but we enjoyed our visit a few months ago. Need to make it back over there someday. 😉

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