A vacation would be nice right about now.

It’s becoming clear to me that I’m not going to Key West this year. Funds are low, future employment is questionable, taxes need to be paid, and a bullshit ticket (failure to show registration, WTF?) killed the grocery budget for next week.

The worst thing about not being able to go on a vacation is that just about everyone I know has either recently taken a sunny/warm vacation or will be soon. In fact I dropped my parents off at the airport this morning to catch a flight to Tampa.

I never listen much to the weather report, especially for the temperature. So it was a surprise when I let the dog out around noon and realized spring had sprung! What a change from the 7am drive to the airport where I had to blast the heat!

So I may not have gotten my vacation but the one day reprieve from the cold temperature left me rejuvenated and is helping to shake the winter blues. I’m daydreaming about the Planks patio as we speak!

2 Responses to “A vacation would be nice right about now.”

  1. Is this your neighbothood?
    Looks nice, is it along the river, it almost looks familiar.

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