Italian Food In Columbus

One thing that defines me is that I’m 100% Italian. This means I’m loud, obnoxious, opinionated, and hairy. Not surprisingly Italian is my favorite and thankfully Columbus has many delicious Italian restaurants.

One of the best Italian meals I’ve had in Columbus was at Trattoria Roma. A couple years ago I had a dish of osso bucco that rivaled my mother’s! I am never disappointed at Trattoria Roma.

I go back and forth with Moretti’s. They have two locations, Sawmill and Upper Arlington. I like the Sawmill location more because it’s dark, cozy, and has tile floor that reminds me of my grandma’s Greenwich Village apartment. No matter which location we go to, my boyfriend loves their sausage casserole. It’s consistently awesome, he says. Citysearch has bad reviews on the Sawmill location, mostly directed at management. I didn’t appreciate being rushed when we went recently but I thoroughly enjoyed the special which was salmon and shrimp over pasta with alfredo sauce. The salmon was huge and cooked perfectly.

I’ve been to Due Amici a handful of times. I love that block of Gay Street. It’s so cleaned up and quaint. Due Amici used to have a make your own pasta option on their menu. That’s always fun but I”m glad they took it off because it forces me to try some of their delicious pastas.

Last summer I went to Marcello’s with a big group. I left a little torn. I don’t like how loud the restaurant is. I was also disappointed that they serve small plates. Such a diversion from typical Italian fare. The thing is though their food is really delicious and they pour a great drink. I’ve had the beef carpaccio, various types of pizza and lots of pasta. Their carbonara was the best.

Martini’s is synonymous with Columbus Italian food. I went there years ago and had the best bowl of carbonara pasta. It’s one of my favorites and I’ve yet to master making it at home. Recently I went back to Martinis for a great birthday celebration. The drinks were delicious! I appreciate the chilled glasses and the great olives. The server was giving the table a little background on some changes that went on at Martini’s but I missed what he said. In fact I was talking so much that when it came time to order I hastily went with the carbonara. I have no clue what happened but I did not like the carbonara. It was in a watery cream sauce and there was no sign of the egg and bacon drippings that I expected to find. I was so disappointed.

Thoms in Grandview, while not necessarily Italian, has the best cioppino. Their seafood tastes fresh and is never overcooked.

There are so many more Italian restaurants to talk about such as Spagio, Basi Italia… but I’ll have to wait for another blog entry. Anyway these are just some of my thoughts on some of the Italian restaurants in Columbus. I’d love to hear what you think about these restaurants or other Italian restaurants in Columbus. Please feel free to post a message about what you like or don’t like in Columbus.

4 Responses to “Italian Food In Columbus”

  1. A hairy Italian from Cincinnati, thats awesome.
    Not too many Italians here for sure, I have to drive to Youngstown or Cleveland for good Italian.
    Nice to know I only have to go to C-Bus.

    • what about nicolas, bella, or primavista? they’re good in cinci, arn’t they? i think bella is the one next to aronoff….. just don’t bother with pompilio’s in nky. omg tomato sauce burns going down it’s so acidic!

  2. Bella is closed but has been replaced by my favorite restaurant in the world, Nada

    Primavista is the closest to an old school Youngstown Italian restaurant in Cincinnati.
    Nichola’s I haven’t been to but plan on.

  3. Love Moretti’s….the Sawmill location is right at the end of the street where my condo is. I’ve had many really good dinners there.

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