Review: Katzinger’s, Restaurant Week Columbus

I visited Katzinger’s this weekend. I used Restaurant Week menu as a great way to pique my parent’s interest in the deli. Katzinger’s offered three different corned beef, turkey, or vegetarian mini sandwiches with classic potato salad, homemade fudge brownie and a pickle for only $7.50 each. This is an awesome deal considering a “Big One” can range from $8- $10 and a “Huge One” can be as high as $12.50.

I ordered the turkey sandwiches while my three fellow diners got corned beef (I had an unfortunate run in with corned beef a couple years ago… still can’t stomach it yet). The three corned beef sandwiches were the Katzinger’s Reuben, Gene’s Free Lunch (corned beef, roast beef, swiss, cole slaw, Russian dressing), and Jeff’s Soaring Super Sandwich (corned beef, host pastrami, swiss, brown mustard on rye). My parents delighted in comparing the sandwiches and analyzing what they were tasting.

The three turkey sandwiches I got were Janis’ Special Can-Do (turkey, muenster, sweet and sassy Canadian Honeycup mustard on challah), Norman’s Special II (turkey, roast beef, muenster, lettuce, red onion, Russian dressing on rye), and Repast of the Robber Baron (turkey, lettuce, tomato, Hellmann’s mayo on rye). The sweet and sassy Canadian Honeycup mustard is amazing. I would like to put that on every sandwich I ever have for the rest of my life.

Of course we had to taste both the original and garlic pickles. We were lucky enough to get crisp, cold fresh original pickles as a huge bucket replaced the empty bucket while we were waiting for our food. I thought they were very salty but my parents loved the garlic pickles (Hey, were Italian. Make anything taste like garlic and we’ll sign up!) The potato salad was just like your typical potato salad. I wouldn’t have minded more of a crunch of fresh celery or pepper but it was still good. The brownie on the other hand knocked my socks off. It was so rich and chocolately (with big chocolate chips) that after a nibble I wrapped it up and saved it for later when I split it into two and made two brownie sundaes. It was so good.

Overall our experience was good. I had only been to Katzinger’s one other time for lunch and during Village Lights where the offered $.25 tastes of champagne and had lots of snacks to niblle on. My parents really enjoyed looking through the deli cases at the different dried fish and cheese. The place was completely packed when we walked in at 2pm but it had calmed down by the time we were served 15 minutes later. I’ll definitely go back to Katzinger’s one day (maybe when I have a craving for Key Lime Pie because I know from experience, theirs is the surprising best!) but I think someone else has to be buying or there needs to be more deals like this one for $7.50. I have a feeling though without my business, they’ll be just fine.

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One Response to “Review: Katzinger’s, Restaurant Week Columbus”

  1. I’ve heard about Katzinger’s from a couple people in OTR and have been wanting to try it out, I’ll have to add it to my list, not like I’m in Columbus every day, but maybe the next trip through I’ll hit it.

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