My worst week in German Village

We had been living in German Village for three weeks when Hurricane Ike hit. Who would have thought a hurricane could do major damage to Columbus, Ohio?

That weekend I was just starting to get into a routine in my new home. My bf had been at Easton for a weekend-long conference and I had planned to make dinner. Next thing I know I’m hearing all these new noises… the rattling of old windows, branches scratching the side of the house and windows rustling. I looked out the window and the trees were bent sideways. I was surprised at how quickly the day was changing.

Next thing you know the power goes out. We considered grilling but were worried about the wind tipping over the grill. No one wants a house fire when the wind is gusting at 50mph. We walked to our favorite cafe (which was packed) for dinner. There we lingered over our gyros as the neighborhood slowly lit up. We walked the block home only to realize our side of the street still didn’t have power. We told ourselves the power would be back on overnight. Of course that didn’t happen…..

By Monday evening I cleaned out the fridge and viewed the huge downed limbs at Schiller Park. Tuesday we begged a free meal off friends. Wednesday we ate dinner at Kroger and soaked up some free Wi-Fi at MoJoe. Thursday I had the melt down. Friday we went to my parent’s house.

After a home cooked meal and a generous amount of electricity, we headed back to German Village. With fingers crossed we nervously approached our home. We were overjoyed. After six and a half days we finally had our power back on.

I tried to keep my cool all week. I didn’t want to be pissed at the electric company as I knew perfectly well they were working long and hard to restore power, but after 6 ½ days it was really hard not to be upset. What I find totally insane is that my friend in Houston, where Hurricane Ike originally came over land, only lost his power for three days.

Overall I think Columbus was completely unprepared for this type of emergency. Which also makes me wonder; didn’t the weathermen see this coming? Did they predict strong wind and I just didn’t know about it? That could be.

Regardless what I think is the saddest is that the large trees at Schiller Park will never be the same again, at least not in my lifetime. It’s noticeable where the large limbs are now missing. Columbus made it through the first wind storm. Maybe next time we’ll all be a little more prepared.

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