Easy Street Cafe

A couple years ago, while working downtown, my coworker took me to East Street Café for lunch. That’s when I realized that I had eaten there before, years ago. I had a total flashback to a long day apartment hunting and my first meal in Columbus, Ohio. Now Easy Street Café is one of my favorite places in the city.

Easy Street Café serves mostly Greek fare. I really like the chicken gyro. Just like your traditional lamb gyro but with chicken. The tzatziki sauce is killer. What I like the best is the pita. It has a great flavor. Easy Street Café has great burger too, both on a bun and in pita. My bf’s favorite thing to get at Easy Street Café is the cheeseburger gyro.

There is a specials board next to the bar. I’m waiting for the lamb lollypops to reappear. Not sure if they actually call them that but that’s what I call them. They are miniature chops around a bed of rice pilaf. The lamb was juicy and delicious! It was a generous helping too.

Sunday brunch is great too. You can’t miss the sausage links, wrapped in pancakes, and deep fried. They’re served sprinkled with powdered sugar and syrup.

Easy Street has a couple really great desserts. The owner’s sister makes homemade cheese cake. We had cinnamon in December. It was light and fluffy. The baklava sundae is another winner!

Pretty much the only think I haven’t tried is the pizza. With Plank’s so close we never think to get Easy Street’s pizza but we have heard good things about it.

The best time to be in Easy Street Café is when it’s not terribly crowded and a little on the quiet side. That way you can really take in all of the flare on the walls (Sinatra’s mug shot, a working traffic signal), ceiling (huge replica of a huge bottle), and even above the door (the blues brothers, of course).

I love the staff of Easy Street too. The service is always prompt and friendly. They are obviously restaurant veterans as they serve the customers with ease.

Easy Street Café has become our go-to restaurant/bar anytime we don’t want to cook or we want a drink.

If you want to go:

Easy Street Café
197 Thurman Ave
Columbus, OH 43206
(614) 444-3279

4 Responses to “Easy Street Cafe”

  1. You need to start adding links to the places you review, or an address.
    That way, us out of town people can find these places as we breeze through.

    Thurman St, is that where Thurman’s is? i want to hit that place sometime.

  2. (checking your blog out per your twitter request)
    Greetings! Funny to acquaint with local people online with something as global as twitter. I’m over in Victorian Village but fond of German Village spots as well.

    I’ve eaten there. It’s a good spot. The place across the street All About The Dogs is where I take my dog to groom and also the owner puppy sits. I see you have dogs, just wondering if you tried it.

    • We have one dog but we dog sit for our friends a lot (and they do for us). We have taken the dog to ALl About Dogs. We typically wash him in the yard with the hose in the warm weather but we liked the discounted rate we got going in there during the week. I think they have a discount mid week, mid day. Ten bucks or something like that. It was awesome. Maybe I”ll blog about that. I have great photos of the dog getting his bath!!!

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