Sunday my bf and I hosted a potluck. The goal was to shake ourselves and our friends from the sleepy winter monotony and usher in spring! After a day of working in the backyard, it was a great way to end the weekend.

Potlucks have been a regular event in my group of friends for the last couple years. I’d say I host most of them but I’m also a little overzealous. I used to throw potlucks outside my 500 square foot apartment in Grandview. I pulled the kitchen table out onto the front lawn and we’d grill out right along Third Avenue.

My friends do take their turns hosting too. I love how everyone interprets potlucks differently as they play host. Usually there are a couple new faces or some type of backyard game. It’s great.

Last night we began our evening in the backyard with appetizers. We had summer inspired corn salsa, guacamole, and taco dip with chips before a friend arrived with still hot bacon wrapped asparagus! Perfect for eating outside!

To stay warm we headed inside for the main course which was a hearty baked ziti with sausage. Also on the menu were pinwheels, fresh green salad, vegetarian orzo, and beer cheese fondue with bread and veggies. For dessert we had another great assortment: no-bake cookies, Trader Giotto’s Tiramisu (must be Trader Joe’s Italian cousin?), and two kinds of cupcakes.

This was the first potluck in the new house. One of the mistakes I made when we were moving in was giving away extra plates we had as we combined our belongings. Unfortunately I was desperate enough to use paper plates for the potluck. Cleaning was a cinch but I still felt guilty. I did however remember to leave a bag near the trash for recyclables and people seemed follow suit.

One success I had was breaking the potluck up into three distinct courses with the appetizers outside, and keeping the desserts put away until we were done with the main dishes. People seemed to stay longer and socialize more with the slower pace.

I can’t wait for the next potluck. Hopefully this inaugural get together has inspired our next host!

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