Planks on High Street

At my old job our way of ushering in spring was flocking to Planks on High after work to relax on their outdoor patio. Typically it’s full of softball players still clad in uniform, meeting for a pitcher of beer (them) or a vodka gimlet (me). It doesn’t matter if you were hot and sweaty from sitting in the sun or playing softball, most of the time pizza was the top pick off the menu.

My favorite thing to eat there is the pizza, of course. I love the veggie pizza however just the other night I had their pepperoni and it was killer. In fact Planks has replaced Panzera’s (in Grandview) as our neighborhood take out pizza place now that we live in the neighborhood. Most Tuesdays the pizza is half off and if you’re a teacher there are even further discounts for you and your friends.

But pizza isn’t the only tasty thing on the menu. They have great sandwiches like the dagwood which has your choice of meat and cheese topped with fries and cole-slaw between two pieces of bread.

Planks isn’t just great for the summer. There are four flat screen TVs in the sun room that creates the perfect atmosphere for an OSU football game or get together with a large group of friends. If it gets too loud, there is now seating outside in front of Planks, directly on High Street. I imagine it is probably equally as loud out there with the COTA busses going by but it’s a good alternative.

One secret to Planks: Don’t sit anywhere near the back door inside, because yes, sometimes it does smell like the bathroom. Really unless I’m totally buzzed, I wait to pee at home. You have to sit outside, at the bar, or the sun room with the TVs.

Years ago, Plank’s on High and Planks on Parsons had the same owner, but now they don’t.All I know about Planks on Parsons is that their crust is supposed to be a little sweeter. I’ll be sure to blog about going there as we’ve been planning on it for a while. Solely for research sake!

Aside from the delicious pizza I’ve gorged on there, or the quenching adult beverages I’ve savored, I hold a special place in my heart for Planks on High. It’s at Planks that I saw my bf for the second and third time ever. This was pre-dating, when I was not paying any attention to what a catch he is. (I was distracted by some others that were NOT catches) I think of Planks so fondly because he tells sweet stories of what he thought of me back then. He said he thought I was cute and so funny sitting at that picnic table with him and our mutual friends. Thankfully I got a clue and snatched him up before he had the chance to stop paying attention to me.

If you go:

888 S High St
Columbus, OH 43206
(614) 443-4570


4 Responses to “Planks on High Street”

  1. I’m a fan of the Parsons location. Took awhile to grow on me though. Hated it at first. Never been to the High location.

    Also… not sure if they still do it or not, but they used to have a half-off pizza dine-in special at the Parsons location on Monday nights. Might want to call to check though to see if that’s still the case. 😉

  2. Planks Rules! I used to consider that place an extension of my living room! Mini Tacos are awesome drunk food!

  3. Just had mini-tacos from Planks last night. 🙂 Yum.

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