Review: Warehouse Cafe

I went to the Warehouse Cafe and Dining Saturday morning. Our oven stopped working and oatmeal and cereal were not terribly appetizing to us. To me, Saturday and Sunday’s require meals that are cooked with the oven or stove. You won’t see me eating boring cereal on the weekend!!!

I remembered reading about the Warehouse Cafe from Breakfast with Nick. Now, I can’t say breakfast is my favorite meal (hey, do you have a favorite CHILD? I didn’t think so.) but I am a big fan. Here was our chance to try out Warehouse Cafe.

Once on Fifth we admired the nice looking, newly built we presume, architect’s offices across the street. The colorful flags were nice. But turn around and there is Warehouse Cafe. Once you step in you almost feel like you’re in Dumbo across the bridge from Manhattan but then you realize no one else is there and no one on the street outside. There are some great pictures on the brick walls. I especially liked the one of the workers that I presume worked in this building before it was converted to what it is now. Parts of what I assume was an old sowing machine from the picture are bolted to the ceiling. I looked in the picture on the wall and tried to make out which worker once used that machine to make a living

My bf and I both thought that it’s too bad the new stadium wasn’t going to be nestled in this north eastern section of downtown. It’s a nice part of downtown but it could use a little foot traffic as opposed to just offices and schools. Although we’re sure during the work day this place is packed with people seeking coffee, breakfast or lunch.

We ordered our food at the counter before taking an empty table in the sun. I chucked at two boys sitting at another table, playing gameboy and watching Nickelodeon on the overhead tv. Poor guys probably have to hang out there on Saturdays as I assumed their parents are the owners. What a bummer when you’re 10 years old! But they were sweet and once asked, they popped out of their seat and ran for supplies for their parents.

I had a sausage omelet. It was good. Not greasy. Full of veggies and little pieces of sausage. It had toast but it was so big I couldn’t eat it all. Very diner-like. My bf had french toast which was outstanding. Warm syrup, powdered sugar, sweet and a little savory from the bread. It was good. My hand was slapped away as I made one too many attempts for another bite. The french toast came with hot bacon which we quickly devoured. My bf had coffee, which he deemed diner quality, sufficient. And the bill was so low… maybe $12 total?

One of the perks of this place is that they had my beverage of choice: cold Mt. Dew, in a can, with a straw. I was so happy. In fact just before we left our house I almost smuggled a can from our fridge into my oversized purse. It’s official. If Iworked across the street, I’d keep them in business, buying cans of Mt. Dew every morning. Just one. That’s all I need.

All in all, interesting and new location to us. We hadn’t been in that little corner much. And I love trying out new places I’ve never even heard of! I’d love to go back for lunch. Maybe if I ever get another job in downtown Cbus. We would def. go back!!! Thanks for the suggestion Nick!

If you go:
243 N. Fifth St., Cbus, 43215
(614) 224-3134

3 Responses to “Review: Warehouse Cafe”

  1. Love this place! We haven’t been in a little while, but there used to be a pretty sizable group of Columbus Underground regulars in there every Saturday morning between 10am and Noon. Good times. Should get that going again as the weather gets warmer. 😀

  2. I’ve eaten here too and can recommend it as a great local breakfast diner hangout. Good food, decent coffee, small family business, and cheap prices. I aim to support this place more often.

  3. They have awesome Tuna Melts too.

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