Cincinnati Post #2: Thai Express

I went to UC (five and a half year plan baby!) and for the first four years I lived in a radius of about three blocks. I was always on the south side of campus near West McMillan Street and Calhoun Street.

I’ve taken the bf back to campus a couple of times in the years we’ve been dating. Typically if you take 71S to campus you enter campus via Calhoun Street. Take two lefts at Hughes high school and you’re on the street parallel, W. McMillan. This is about where I lived for four years.

Lately there have been so many changes at campus. New buildings with shops on the first floor and living spare above have gone up along Calhoun St. The blocks between W. McMillan and Calhoun have been completely cleaned out. All the buildings have been torn down and there is now bright green grass growing.

The one place I haven’t been back to in six years is Thai Express. It’s a hole in the wall tiny little take out place on W. McMillan close to the top of Wheeler Street. I had two apartments on Wheeler Street so I went to Thai Express a lot while in college. This is essentially where I was introduced to Thai food—probably the best Thai food.

We ditched my family this weekend for a quick lunch at Thai Express. My favorite of course is the Pad Thai, which is what we both ordered Saturday. In college my group of friends always tried to see who could order the hottest pad Thai. One time my friend got it so high that it was bright red!

Another great dish at Thai Express is massaman curry. The creamy curry sauce, full of plump pieces of potato, drowns the fluffy white rice underneath. Ahh it’s so good. Now I wish I had ordered that!

Of course the spring rolls are awesome too. The Thai chili sauce they come with is so good that we dumped the rest on our pad Thai. We didn’t want to waste it.

Inside Thai Express there are only two, sticky high top tables so we sat in the one that gave us a view of McMillan Street. Behind us two Asian women and one tall white guy were busy chopping veggies, mixing sauce and frying noodles in a couple big woks. The same woman still owns Thai Express and I recognized her immediately.

The rest of campus of campus is still as gross as it was back when I went there but of course back then I never noticed it was gross. Literally as we were walking up Wheeler Street the wind caught an empty Busch Lite can and it rolled down a driveway and proceeded down steep Wheeler Street. Despite walking up Wheeler Street at least twice a day for two years straight, I never noticed that you can catch a glimpse of one of the bridges crossing to Kentucky. It was amazing. Of course my camera is not good enough to get it in a picture so you’ll just have to go see for yourself.

If you go:
213 W Mcmillan St
Cincinnati, OH 45219
(513) 651-9000

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