Cincinnati Post #3: Findlay Market

Findlay Market is a wonderful little haven for yummy and high quality food in Cincinnati. It’s nestled in the heart of Over the Rhine, in downtown.

Findlay Market is part outdoor farmers market with vegetables and crafts and part indoor complex of butchers, fish mongers, bakeries, take out food etc. all independently owned.

The perimeter of Findlay Market has even more stores including an Italian store, a wine store (that made my pregnant sister drool) and others. The variety is outstanding.

My parents always took me to Findlay Market to buy lobster tails, squid, and filet mignon for holidays and special occasions. The prices are so reasonable it doesn’t have to be once a year to have these delicacies either.

My dad always pointed out the monsterious cow tongue behind the glass at the butcher shop. Gross!

I was reintroduced to Findlay Market while in college. This past Saturday we headed down again. We saw many people doing their shopping for the holiday but just as many people were strolling through, having some pastry and enjoying the sunny morning. And the vegetables being sold outside on folding tables were plentiful.

What really caught my eye this time was the architecture surrounding the market. There are many tall buildings, brightly painted to add cheer. However there are many that remain boarded up. My mom says the development stalled with the economy. Thankfully it seems as if the market is doing just fine. I’m sure it helps that there are two lots that provide free parking to attract customers.

Next time you venture to Cincinnati, take the time to stop by Findlay Market!

If you go:
1801 Race Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

2 Responses to “Cincinnati Post #3: Findlay Market”

  1. When we first moved to Cincinnati we could pull right into a spot, walk to what we wanted at Findlay and leave.
    Last summer and this year so far its gotten more challenging to find parking spots and the crowds have gotten tougher to wade through. The recession sure hasn’t hit Findlay Market yet.
    If you go, also make sure to get a waffle from Jean-Francois at Taste of Belgium.
    They are offered up folded in wax paper no syrup, they are plenty sweet without, but he has it there if you want to add to it.
    A little pricey but worth it!

  2. i did not realize those were jean-francois’ waffles! good to know!

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