Tutto Vino

We went to Tutto Vino in Dublin last month. I’m not sure what I expected but I was surprised to found the wine shop and bistro in a very suburban type shopping plaza. I guess that’s Dublin for you. Once I walked in I felt a sort of a sigh of relief; a “that’s more like it” feeling. It was a little more like what I expected from a wine bar/store that is a Dine Originals Restaurant.

Tutto Vino is really small. When we arrived the sun was shining bright through the front windows but by the time we left the sun went down and the bistro was hopping. All the tables were full, there was a pianist entertaining us, and it was dim and warm.

Half the place is a wine store stocked with 900 labels. It was impressive. The other half of is a bistro with a big bar and beautiful flat screen TV’s (we watched UConn play in the final four) and 35 different wines offered by the glass.

There were five of us so we started by ordering some tapas. Among those was a wild mushroom tart (the crust was as good as all the mushrooms inside), stuffed mozzarella crostini (my favorite I think), filet of beef (cold roasted tenderloin served on crostini with bleu cheese and horseradish… maybe that one was my favorite), blackened scallops (they weren’t black now that I think of it; could have used some mmph but it was good), and bruschetta (big winner in my book).

We tried their calzones and tasted pizza later in the evening. Apparently the calzones are new to the menu so if you’ve been there before, you should go back to try them!

There are a couple of salads I wanted to try and I would have liked the antipasto plate or even the various create your own cheese and olive flights. It was hard to choose. At least I know what I will order next time I’m in!

We had room for dessert, my favorite. I tasted the blackberry cobbler (looked so perfect it was hard to dig into it… but it was quickly devoured) and the chocolate cake.

It was exciting to see Jeni’s ice cream on the menu too! I don’t get there often enough. The Belgian milk chocolate is my favorite. I savored it. If I was big on wine I’m sure general manager Molly Morris would have suggested a great pairing. I did have a yummy cocktail and the rest of my table killed a couple bottles of wine and various bottles of beer.

Overall I really liked Tutto Vino. The food and service were great. I only wish it were closer to where I live. I could definitely see going there for a cocktail and dessert some evening. There are six dessert options!!! You can’t beat that! Now if only I can convince them to open a second location in German Village…..

If you go:
7178 Muirfield Drive, Dublin, OH 43017
(614) 799-9222

*picture courtesy of Molly Morris, General Manager, Tutto Vino

3 Responses to “Tutto Vino”

  1. I am so glad you had a good experience at Tutto Vino, and we’re looking forward to your return….I have a wine that I think you’ll like. (I know – it’s a tall order for non-wine-drinker, but I’m feeling confident!)

  2. Tutto Vino is really a gem in Dublin. Intimate setting with great food and wine.

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