Visitors to Columbus

My best friend came to visit me this weekend and what a beautiful weekend to have a visitor! We decided to start the weekend with lunch at Cafe Corner.

I have heard so many great things over twitter and blogs that I knew we should go. My best friend is a consummate optimist. Be with her on a beautiful day and she won’t stop gushing about it (and if you’re with her on a rainy day she’ll find something nice to say about that too). She appreciates all of the things I show her in Columbus so I had to take her to the Corner Cafe.

Once we arrived we went inside to order. It took us forever to order because the menu has so many appetizing options. There were about a million things I wanted. My friend, who eats little meat, was thrilled at the multitude of vegetarian selections.

The patio has ample seating in the sun or shade, with or with out umbrellas. We sat at a little table in the shade among a variety of customers and admired a great looking house with an orange door and matching tulips across the street. Each table on the patio has a cute flower and my best friend was able to point it out by name (of course now I’ve forgotten the name but it was pretty–trust me).

Once our food came we dug in. I got the prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich. It ruled. The prosciutto was just a little bit salty and the balsamic vinegar gave it an almost sweet taste. There were big chunks of mozzarella with pesto. The bread is old world loaf according to the menu. Honestly I had no idea what that meant. Apparently it means toasty yummy bread. Why don’t they just call it that? Overall I was very happy with my lunch. I’m definitely going back. I already know that next time I’m getting the prosciutto and fig sandwich.

I took my friend down Neil Avenue to show her the new baseball stadium. We eventually got out of the car and took a long walk through German Village. I find myself acting as such a tour guide. I told my best friend everything I know about German Village’s history and made sure to take her past notable homes, restaurants and stores. She seems to appreciate these tid bits.

This weekend it finally felt like it was really spring, like it might be sticking around. I finished off my weekend sitting on the porch and working in the shade on the computer. This is our first summer in this house and I can’t wait to experience it here in Merion Village (and again and again at Cafe Corner).

If you go:
1105 Pennsylvania Ave
Columbus, OH 43201

6 Responses to “Visitors to Columbus”

  1. I loved reading this post — sounds like you took your friend to some great spots. Kelly’s been raving about Cafe Corner ever since she wrote that post on our blog, and Huntington Park (which I toured just this morning) is awesome; such a great addition to downtown. And a walk around German Village? Always lovely. I’m planning a similar itinerary for my mom’s visit next week.

    Thank you for sharing Columbus with visitors — it’s so great to hear the experiences of residents like you, who do such a great job showing off our favorite city.

  2. Thank you for following the Experience Columbus blog! It sounds like you hit some great places with your out-of-towner. If you’re looking for any new places on her next trip up, I would suggest Tasi in the Short North. It’s the newest addition to Dine Originals Columbus, and if you like Cafe Corner it would be right up your alley!

  3. I know, my office is about 30 seconds from Cafe Corner and I sometimes find myself thinking about the beet & boursin sandwich in the middle of the morning. It’s so hurting my effort to force myself to pack lunch more often, especially now that it’s nice out and I can walk over there. And I have to contain my outrage that some of my colleagues will walk/drive literally right past CC to pick up lunch at Subway. Grr.

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