Columbus Museum of Art

My mom works in a school so over spring break I convinced her spend the day with me. My three siblings are my sister is working on giving my parents their fourth grandchild so one-on-one time is rare. I’m lucky if my mother calls me by the right name much less do I get time with her! I took the day off and we went to the Columbus Museum of Art.

It astounds me when people say they are afraid to venture into Columbus because it’s such a “big city.” Do your research people! Sure this is a big city but it’s completely maneuverable. Take for instance the FREE PARKING at the museum. Is Columbus on the cutting edge of awesomeness or what?! LOVE IT!

The main attraction was the Egyptian exhibition. My mom pointed out that the exhibition is from the Brooklyn Museum. She chuckled and said “Good. They’ll understand me when I talk,” referring to her New York accent.

I thought the mummies were really interesting. There were pieces of old writings that you could examine pretty closely. Before we went to the exhibit we went by the café at the museum. They sell lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. We were too late so we purchased a bag of pretzels, a peanut butter cookie and coffee. However we could not find a trash can to save our life! I was a source of great amusement. You had to be there I guess!

On a side note, two things: #1 If you use Google Reader you can view additional photos in my blog. The WordPress theme I use only shows one photo otherwise.

#2 I am still thinking about taking the bus on a regular basis. If you ask my bf he’ll attest to the fact that I’m really reluctant to get on the bus at the crack of dawn. I finally took the bus home from work the other day.

The walk to the stop is quick (about a block from my office) although there is no sidewalk where I wait for the bus. The bus was exactly on time and I got to see parts of town I’d never seen before. The bad thing is that it took 60 minutes. If I worked downtown I would absolutely be riding the bus but ride the bus for an hour when it would take 15 minutes to drive? Such a hard sell! I’m not getting a monthly pass just yet but I did get my bus legs back.

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  1. at least “its too big” is better than “you’ll get shot!”

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