Good Eats in Granville Ohio

My bf and I often visit Granville. Technically it’s a village located about 30 miles northeast of Columbus. It may be best known for being the home to Denison University. It is a gorgeous small town of about 3000 people (it jumps to 5000 when Denison is in session according to the Granville website). Apparently in order to maintain the authenticity of this old city there are strict property regulations that must be followed. The effort is appreciated by all those who visit this small town.

There are a limited number of restaurants in the village however they’re all unique. For instance, Del Mar (136 N Prospect) is great for a casual night out. Owned by the same people who own Club 185 in German Village, I know the food is great. I went there Saturday night and had calamari with a delicious spicy mayo. I love their burgers, with or without the fried egg. I can’t wait to go again to try the lobster nachos. Del Mar is full of friendly locals and attentive bartenders.

Further down the road is the Buxton Inn. If you go you must have a drink in the basement cellar. The Buxton Inn is haunted but the facade doesn’t speak “scary” to me. It’s painted a pastel pink and in the evening the lights give it a warm glow. I imagine getting a room at the inn is an ideal getaway for Columbusites.

Across the street is the Granville Inn (313 Broadway E). It’s also a restaurant and hotel. I haven’t had a formal meal there but that place seems interestingly spooky. It too is apparently haunted.

My favorite restaurant in Granville is Nona Enoteca and Ristorante (128 East Broadway). I know what ristorante means but I didn’t realize enoteca means wine bar or wine shop in Italian.

We were touring the town when stepped in to Nona for dinner last winter. Inside there is a front room where you can nibble on cheese plates and savor wine. The dining room is through a doorway and has roughly a dozen tables for an intimate Italian dinner.

We had an extremely knowledgeable server guide us through ordering. After a couple glasses of wine and some great pasta and shrimp we enjoyed a delicious dessert of homemade cannoli. The other customers were a mix of locals and visitors to Granville, presumably with current or prospective Denison students.

If you want to go a little more relaxed check out Elms Pizza (113 E Elm St).

Elms is the epitome of small town pizza parlor. Delicious classic pizzas, stromboli, torpedoes and even a BBQ rib sandwiches are on the menu at Elm’s. This family run restaurant is packed with families and teenagers on dates all weekend and throughout the summer.

2 Responses to “Good Eats in Granville Ohio”

  1. Thanks for posting something good about nona! One of my favs too… I was just trying to find a post to send to a friend…… I’m a local new small business owner, who appreciates when others support granville


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