Great night for….

A cool drink at a cool place. Great patio. Pool tables inside. Food smelled good last time I was there. Perfect night to go …..

If you go:
Red Brick Inn
292 E Gates St
Columbus, OH 43206

*most real blog posts coming this weekend. been busy!

3 Responses to “Great night for….”

  1. I like this place, but I no longer go there. I could walk there in two minutes. The last time I was there, an inebriated gentleman profaned me and attempted to discredit the validity of the academic institution on my sweatshirt because it was not OSU (I could go into more detail, but I’m sure you get the idea). This is far away from from campus, too. I currently walk to Hey Hey and Banana Bean, and if I want a patio, it’s Barcelona near Marion Village. I’m a lover, not a fighter, after all.

    • that sucks… but remember he was inebriated. i’m sure on a normal day, san booze, he’s a delightful gent who spends his time volunteering and helping the eldery with their groceries! 🙂

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