Brunch at Cafe Bella

This Saturday was beautiful. After a run through the Clintonville farmers market we went to Café Bella where a simple chalkboard sign advertised frittatas for brunch!

Construction on High Street has eliminated parking in front (I think this is temporary) so remember there is free parking in back.

Inside Cafe Bella Vince, the owner, says to us, “frittatas and pancakes?” We just nodded! Out back on the patio we sat down and soon three more tables of people arrived.

I was cringing slightly as I listened to the server describe how Cafe Bella is run; I was just afraid that the customer would be taken aback and not be interested in what they are offering for brunch. But these customers sounded relatively pleased. This is not a place for everyone. This is such a different dining experience that you really must be open minded to enjoy it. I know it makes for a much more exciting meal for a lot of people. The great thing is that if you’re vegan or vegetarian, there are no limitations for you at Cafe Bella.

As for our meal, we first dined one some pancakes. They were delicious. Hot off the griddle, served with warm syrup. I noticed a server refilling coffee cups from a steaming hot coffee press. How often do you see that at restaurants?!

After we noticed all the other tables were happily eating their pancakes our server came out with a plate full of happiness: a bright yellow frittata bulging with fresh vegetables, a handful of bacon, and a pile of sautéed onions and potatoes with red pepper and zucchini for good measure. Yet again we were extremely satisfied with the simple ingredients and delicious flavors of Café Bella. It was wonderful.

Someone who follows me on twitter asked that I “discuss the ‘pay what you feel is right’ policy.” Vince, the owner, is the one who comes up with the price of your meal. Last time when we had dinner we went to the register to pay. Vince asked us how our meal was and then suggested $30. He says if we have a problem with that we should let him know. We were astounded at such a low price considering we though the meal was worth more. We tipped heavily and left.

After brunch Saturday we were discussing how much we thought Vince would charge us. Again he charged us extremely low: $12! We would have tipper heavier but we were taken aback when we saw the “cash only” sign and had to scrounge around to pay with what we had.

Overall it’s not an intimidating process. Especially the more often you’re there. One thing I didn’t notice on this visit was that there were prices on a chalk board inside the café so you could order knowing exactly how much you’ll pay but we didn’t give it much thought.

I highly suggest you visit Vince and his crew for a unique dining experience.

If you go:
2593 N High St
Columbus, OH 43202
(614) 267-1998

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