Goodale Hardware

By mycolumbusohioblog

June 4, 2009

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We stopped by Goodale Hardware recently to talk to owner Jeffrey Zettler (also owner of Zettler Hardware, downtown). Goodale Hardware is soon-to-open (shooting for June they say) new hardware store situated on Goodale near Northwest Blvd. in Grandview. Grandview has lost two hardware stores in the neighborhood recently so Goodale Hardware is coming in to the right place at the right time.

Jeff and my bf grew up together so my bf was very comfortable depending on Zettler Hardware when we moved close to it. He goes there for advice on growing grass and fixing things around the house. Now we’re really excited for the Zettler family as they open Goodale Hardware.

What I really took away from our visit to Goodale Hardware are the local products being sold including Wooster Brand paint brushes from Wooster, Ohio.

Additionally there are Majic paints, manufactured and distributed from right here in Columbus!

So not only are you helping a small business thrive but you’re also buying locally!

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