The Actor’s Theater, Schiller Park

One thing we heard over and over again as we were preparing to move to the Merion/German Village line, and in the months just after moving in, was to attend the free theater in the park. Sure enough details emerged and The Actor’s Theater has free shows Thursday through Sunday at Schiller Park.

I’m a huge fan of free events, picnicking on a blanket and drinking my own booze so we caught the 3 Musketeers last Saturday with friends.

It was very entertaining considering we were sitting so close I was able to see most of the actor’s expressions (such a change from getting the cheapest/worst seats in the house when I go to the theater). It felt really good to be among such a big group of appreciative attendees in the audience.

I took some pictures of last night’s show which I took while on a walk through Schiller Park as I forgot my camera last week (plus the weather was better this weekend). Use to check them out!

For more information:
Schiller Park, The German Village Society
Actor’s Theater Schedule and Information

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