Ice cream at Bakery Gingham

We took a lovely walk through the neighborhood and it was early enough for us to try Hartzler’s Family Dairy ice cream that Bakery Gingham just started serving.

There were 8 flavors of ice cream available. We got two scoops of mocha carmel chip and we can say it was delicious. Very creamy, rich and delicious! The price is a little high ($2.50 for one scoop and $1.25 for each additional scoop) but honestly these days the only place to get really cheap ice cream is McDonald’s and that’s not really ice cream, now is it?

Get to Bakery Gingham and try it out!

More information:
Hartzler Dairy Farm
Bakery Gingham

2 Responses to “Ice cream at Bakery Gingham”

  1. Mmmmm.. looks good, how does it compare to Jeni’s?
    Of course you can’t downplay the awesomeness of walking to the ice cream joint can you?
    I loved the haute chocolate cupcakes we got there one Sunday morning.

  2. well the ice cream bakery gingham sells is delicious like jeni’s however they have more of the classic flavors that you grew up with as opposed to jeni’s more original flavors! 🙂

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