Aladdin Fine Food, Granville, Ohio

My wonderful –and much more athletically inclined– boyfriend urged me to challenge myself recently. As part of this challenge we ran a 5K. It was a great experience and we both did better than we thought we would do. I loved it. (Now can I maintain motivation and run every other day? We shall see.)

Since we burned so many calories running we decided to pack the calories back on with a trip to Aladdin Fine Food.

Walk in and the narrow diner is exactly what you’d expect to see. I had a hard time choosing but I finally decided on a greasy bagel (how did they get it so greasy?) sandwich with egg, bacon and cheese. My bf got a HUGE omelet with that typical processed cheese you find in greasy spoons!

My favorite item for breakfast was the potatoes. They were fresh cut, buttery and delicious. And of course you can’t eat at a diner without the oddly greenish-yellow colored plastic cups.

What I enjoyed most was the glimpse into my bf’s childhood and listening to the stories he from his childhood and the visits to Aladdin’s.

It’s a great place for anyone to try whether they have memories to relive or want to create new memories!

If you go:
122 Broadway East
Granville, OH‎ 43023
(740) 587-0253‎

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