City Hop 2009, Recap

City Hop took place yesterday in downtown Columbus and I think I couldn’t have enjoyed it more.

Let me begin by saying you should definitely consider volunteering. Columbus Landmarks, who hosted the event, treated their volunteers so well. We got free t-shirts so we were easily identified and we had cold water and snacks throughout the day. The work was easy, the people touring were so nice and appreciative of the event–overall it was a great experience. We were in the shade, sitting at a table, and from what I saw as I was taking the tour (for free!), most other volunteers seemed very comfortable as well.

My only complaint? I have too many pictures! I took 201! And has been a real pain in the a** to me lately so I’m only going to post a couple.

The tour was great. Sounded like it took people about 6 hours to see everything (if you walked). We weren’t able to see it all but we made sure to hit the highlights like the condominiums at North Bank Park. This 20 story building had the most breathtaking view (see above). It was wonderful. I couldn’t get enough of it. There were many extra condos to tour at North Bank Park including an 11th-floor $700K condo as well as a loft in the back of the adjacent warehouse with an equally impressive view of Huntington Park (think Wrigley rooftop bleacher seats). My favorite thing about the North Bank Park condos, besides the view, is the quiet. I felt like you get the best of both worlds—downtown living but also a little more quiet and peacefulness.

The other highlight was 8 on the Square at Broad and High.

We toured multiple condos including a condo that took up a whole floor and had amazing views of the State House. What an amazing feeling to be right in the heart of downtown. The condos were amazing with bathrooms the size of a typical bedroom and awesome balconies.

The biggest surprise for me was at Neighborhood Launce at Gay and Fourth. I had always seen the fake façade on Fourth when flying out of downtown. I had no idea that if you continue east on Gay there is a whole neighborhood that takes up the whole block.

I loved the windows and high ceilings at Neighborhood Launce (especially the 20 foot high shower curtain… I kid you not. Attempted to get pictures but just wasn’t enough room to zoom out!).

I was stationed at the Annex at RiverSouth which was great because I have been watching those condos go up and I wanted to check them out for myself. They’re amazing. I saw a four story condo and a townhouse about half the size. They claim to be more reasonably priced ($150K-300K in the tour book) but of course what we saw averaged in the upper $300K. Why can’t they stick to what they promised? Apparently there will be rentals in this development which will be great. They say they start at $700. Would totally look into it if I was still a single renter!

Now if only I could get all 200 photos on the blog… course then you all would be bored out of your mind.

5 Responses to “City Hop 2009, Recap”

  1. Great photos! Sounds like it was a lot of fun! 😀

    I’m a big fan of Neighborhood Launch too and the way it continues down Gay Street. The best part is that they’re only like 1/5th of the way done with it. Should take up like 9 blocks when it is all built out!


  2. Great event! Certainly for a good cause. This is an amazing oppurtunity to show-off downtown Columbus’s buzzling metropolis! I actively participate with community volunteering and charity work as well! You got some really good shots.. Congrats!

  3. I’d love to see the pictures, 200 wouldn’t be bad to chug through.
    We wanted to do the City Hop but couldn’t made it work.
    Maybe the German Village home tour.

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