Indian Lake

We’ve been going Indian Lake for a couple years however in the last year we haven’t been up as often as we’d like. Today we made the trip in honor of Father’s Day and the first day of summer. The whole lake was buzzing.

Indian Lake is northwest of Marysville, about 60 minutes from downtown Columbus. The lake is similar to Buckeye Lake (from what I’ve been told as I’ve never been to Buckeye Lake). Both lakes are man-made and pretty shallow (10ft at its deepest). Today the lake was packed with boaters and wave runners, a lot different from what I remember at Christmas time.

Indian Lake has wide open sections of water where people tube but also many tight channels with homes densely lining the perimeter.

I love the variety of types of homes at Indian Lake. There are some Brady Brunch-era homes, some more modern ones built in the 80s and of course newly built mansions on every peninsula.

My favorite event at Indian Lake is Ring of Fire. Dating back to 1961, this tradition includes lighting flares around the perimeter of the lake at precisely 9:00 PM. on the Sunday before Labor Day. Lighting the flares around all waterfront property displays a red glow that dots the lake and marks the end of the summer season and the start of the autumn season. The idea for the Ring of Fire originated with the manager of the Old Indian Lake Amusement Park. The Seneca Indians from New York State would light bonfires around the shore of the lake to celebrate a bountiful harvest. (

There are many places to eat at Indian Lake. My favorite is Cranberries. They have a dock so boaters can park just as easily as anyone in their vehicle. Often we putter over to The Donut Shop (we think that’s the name) across the street from Spend-A-Day marina. They have the best donuts and typically the longest lines. Tonight we had Lucky’s Pizza for dinner. It was so good and their wings are as crispy as fried chicken. There is also the Moose lodge!

Anyone can go to Indian Lake, whether you own a boat or not. There are public beaches as well as bike trails and public docks. Everyone should go!

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2 Responses to “Indian Lake”

  1. I liked this blog. I live at the lake and think it’s pretty great. Been here about 40 years. Thanks for the “plug.” And yes, it’s called the Donut Shop!

  2. we LOVE the donut shop! some of the best donuts ever!

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