Review: Boston’s Pizza

I was very skeptical when I went into Boston’s for the first time. Now I’ve been there twice and I’m still a little skeptical.

A couple weeks ago I attended a bachelorette party at Boston’s, The Gourmet Pizza. The restaurant was absolutely buzzing as it should have been considering there was a concert at the LC, a Clipper’s game and ComFest all going on. Oddly enough though the restaurant was not full.

I sat at the bar and ordered a Stoli gimlet. The bartender took my order. Then she asked for my order again. Then as she’s buzzing around the bar, overwhelmed and discussing with the other bartender how they’ll divvy up the customers, she caught my eye again and just yelled to the other bartender, “She needs a drink!” He comes over takes my order and finally gets me a drink. It was well-poured I might add even if it took so long and cost me about $8.

The hostess knew of our reservation and then flew away mid-sentence to set it. More of our party showed up and we were seated. I was surprised at how small the place really is. We had a nice server who took more drink orders as we set about reading the menu. There is so much more at Boston’s than just pizza. There are many pasta options as well as healthy items.

I ended up getting a salmon dish that really fixed this hankering I’ve had for salmon lately. The salmon was cooked perfectly and it tasted really good. The veggies and rice were mediocre (typical). I looked up the stats later and turns out there are 2000 milligrams of salt in my dish but I’ve heard that’s typical when you’re eating the “healthy” options at a restaurant.

I thought our server was nice and was pretty focused on our table. I can’t say the same for the rest of the servers. They bunched up in the aisles talking or took turns sitting one of two four-tops where employees off the clock (presumably) were eating.

A week or so ago I went back to Boston’s for lunch. This time I had the pizza and salad combo for about $8. You get one topping on the pizza and they actually bring your salad out immediately so you felt like you are eating a 2-course lunch.

The pizza was tasty and not greasy in the least bit. I thought it was excellent and I’d go back if someone else suggested it. At lunch they served us quickly and we were out in less than an hour but again there was so much socializing among the servers. It’s totally distracting to your server and the customer ends up waiting for things. In the end I’d eat the pizza again for lunch.

Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza
199 W Nationwide Blvd
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 229-4275

4 Responses to “Review: Boston’s Pizza”

  1. I just ate here for the first time earlier this week for lunch. Tried their artichoke/sundried/spinach pizza. Very tasty when fresh, although this topping combo didn’t heat up well for leftovers the next day. Our server was nice, and I liked the fact that they had free WiFi, as I arrived early for a lunch meeting and was able to sit and get a few things done on the laptop.

    Downtown is sorely lacking in pizza options, especially ones open late & weekends, so I’m sure I’ll be back. 😀

  2. My favorite pizza place downtown is Cafe Napolitana at 40 N High at Gay. They have great pizza at really good prices. They’re open in the early evening… saw it was open at 630p the other night. Not sure exactly how late they stay open. I’ll have to find out next time I go.

  3. That’s weird about trying to get a drink. One place downtown(Cincinnati) we really liked my wife had trouble getting a drink and same thing, finally a male bartender got her one, yet when I ordered a drink, the same bartender that couldn’t be bothered before served me right away.
    A catty thing? I dismissed it then, but now I wonder.

  4. i really think this female bartender just didn’t know what a stoli gimlet was so instead of asking me (like my server did later when i ordered a second one from our table) she just avoided me, hoping i’d go away! lol

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