Pecha Kucha, Vol 10

I enjoyed yet another great evening of Pecha Kucha on Friday night. This time it took place outside at Junctionview Studios in Grandview. I think the highlights for me include motorcycle engine builder Aniket Vardhan. He had a compelling story and caught my attention with this energetic antics. Plus, he stared his motorcycle’s engine for us. I bet he does that daily but he still beamed with pride and just freaked out in joy. It was so cool.

I also enjoyed Jill Moorhead, who does marketing for The Hills Market. She humanized the local products they sell by teaching us about the growers. She also had a great line. She says we “voted” for good, wholesome food, which is why they sell the products they do. I still haven’t been there (dude, it’s like a 25 minute drive from my house) but I want to go and I def. want to buy more local, organic foods (especially now that I saw Food Inc.).

If you have a compelling story or some work to share, you should sign up to present at Pecha Kucha. You’ll find a super appreciative and open-minded audience.

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