Dirty Franks, my take

We flew home from a quick trip out of town recently, bellies empty and nauseated from a bumpy flight. “You know what we need?” I declared. “Hot dogs.”

We headed to Dirty Franks. Of course everyone has been talking about DFs on every single blog I read. I was so happy to finally get my chance to go.

It was about 2pm on a Sunday afternoon. The place was half full. We sat at the bar and became engrossed in a lengthy list of hot dogs. We both picked two and shared a basket of tater tots. The two hot dogs I chose were the Hot Bollywood and the Chili Dog. My only disappointment was in the Hot Bollywood. True it’s super spicy, and I liked that, but I figured the mango chutney would be fresh and chunky. Instead it was gooey. Course it didn’t stop me from eating most of it. I only stopped when I was sufficiently full. One of my favorite aspects of my hot dogs was the warm, poppyseed bun.

My bf ordered the Chicago hot dog and Amy’s Big Boston Dog. The whole experience was more like a lesson on Chicago style hot dogs. I’ve never been familiar with the Chicago style dog. I never even realized that Chicago “had” a dog. I was so shocked to see all these vegetables and pickles on top. It was pretty cool.

It was hard choosing hot dogs on this inaugural visit. I have about half a dozen on my list of dogs to try next time. The best part was that after the four dogs, tater tots, one beer and one soda it was still under $20. It was great.

The servers were super friendly. He chit chatted with one of the employees who was greeting each customer as they arrived. We enjoyed the baseball theme of the restaurant (although my bf did lament that there were not televisions with which he’d like to watch a baseball game).

And just because it’s hot dogs it doesn’t mean vegetarians aren’t welcome. There are many vegetarian options and all dogs can be replaced with Tofurkey veggie dogs.

If you go:
248 S 4th St
Columbus, OH 43215-5215
(614) 824-4673

4 Responses to “Dirty Franks, my take”

  1. Your wiener! LMAO!
    Wow, now I have to rethink hotdogs, never thought about putting all that stuff on them. They all sound good except the ones with cheese. That’s gross, hotdogs and cheese?
    I’m getting the Chicago, the Ohioana and the Bollywood.
    I wonder which ice cream at Jeni’s I’ll need to finish those off?
    Probably just a vanilla to cleanse the pallet.

  2. seriously… something soothing like melon… (do they have melon?).

    • @mycolumbusohioblog: Melon, you say? Just so happens our Cantaloupe Sorbet’s hitting shops today — only one bucket per shop, though, so get it while the getting’s good.

      @5chw4r7z: Dirty Frank’s will be stocking our own Honey Vanilla Bean (for Frostop root beer floats, mostly) soon as they get their custom freezer in for behind the bar.

  3. This is getting crazy, our worlds are really starting to over lap, but Ryan, I’m waiting for that Apple Cider Sorbet.
    Definitely worth the couple hour drive.
    I’ll get that sorbet, and maybe meet both of you, that would be really cool.

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