Breville Juicer

My bf and I never exchange gifts. Both our birthdays fall after (or ON as that happens some years) Thanksgiving and before Christmas so I’ve always thought it was too much to celebrate the holidays and our birthdays. I’m cheap, poor and hate to have people spend a lot of money on me. Add to it that my bf is really hard to buy for.

Lately though I had been feeling really guilty about our lack of present buying. I decided to drop the gift ban just long enough to celebrate our 4-year anniversary with a Breville Juicer.

We learned about this juicer at our good friend’s house. My bf’s eyes widened as we watched the juicer ferociously consume a whole apple without so much of a coring.

Ever since I made the grand purchase, I wake up to the sounds of my bf’s new juicer liquefying fruits and vegetables alike in the kitchen. Upstairs I pull the pillow over my head and curse my “good idea.”

Just kidding. I don’t curse it. I LOVE the taste of fresh apple juice. In fact, once you go juiced, you don’t go back.

Typically my bf picks one fruit to juice a morning. His favorites are grapefruit or apple. Recently, I decided I wanted to really experiment. Sure the booklet that comes with the juicer is full of great ideas but I wanted to find what we had in the fridge and juice the s*** out of it!

So this time we had half of a cucumber (three days old, approx), carrots (dried out), half a dozen strawberries minutes away from mold, a fresh apple, some fresh grapes, and a banana. We started with the cucumber which spurted out bright green (yikes) juice. We tossed the rest in. The far left part of the juicer holds the parts of the fruit/veggies that can’t be juiced. It was a rainbow by the time we were finished.

The last thing we tossed in was the banana. Let me just say that the juicer booklet does NOT recommend juicing bananas by the way but we ignored that fact. Thankfully the banana lent its flavor to the brown muck that was created when all the fruits and vegetables were pureed.

We sniffed it. It was questionable. My bf decided at that moment he was going to teach me to shot gun fresh juice. We clinked glasses and chugged.

So it wasn’t the best tasting juice but it also wasn’t bad. From now on we’re going to stick to one or two juices, or the approved fruit/vegetable juice recipes in the booklet, however last Saturday will go down as one of the healthiest, most fiber-full Saturdays I’d in a while.

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