Restaurant Week, Dine Originals Columbus, September 7-13

It’s about that time again. It’s almost Restaurant Week, brought to you by Dine Originals Columbus. It’s a very exciting week. I really enjoy some of the great blog entries with beautiful pictures of delicious food.

For me, I love eating out but I definitely hit a wall and can only eat away from home so many times in one week. Unfortunately we’ll be spending Labor Day weekend in New York City which will involve at least three dinners out, not to mention countless cannoli from Ferrara’s in Little Italy. Because of my limit on eating out and our trip to NYC I’m planning this Restaurant Week very carefully:

I’m thinking I’ll attempt two, MAYBE three restaurants for this restaurant week. My top pics include Alana’s. I’ve heard so much about through blogs and the Dine Originals website. I’m very excited to try a sample of her great dishes. However I’m also being wooed by DeepWood. I recently read an interesting article on Amber Herron who opened DeepWood, naming it after the town in New Jersey where she grew up. One warning though, they are closed on the 7th. I’m definitely eyeing going out to eat that night as we’ll be flying home just in time for dinner.

The Clarmont is one of my boyfriend’s favorite places. He enjoys the steak. I on the other hand enjoy the ambience. Coming from a family who listened to singers like Tony Bennet and considers Frank Sinatra a family member, I really enjoy the piano player, the Cadilacs in the parking lot and the vintage sign out front. Ever since I missed the opportunity to have a $15 filet mignon from last restaurant week I’ve been promising my bf we’ll go. This time around the filet has a seafood cake, two side dishes and a new price ($20.09 not bad!) but the real winner might be the two whole Maine lobsters for $30.09. Holy crap… I think I’m in love.

The weekend of the 12th is a great weekend for my best friend to come visit as I know the rest of my crew of friends will be engulfed in the USC/OSU football game. I’d like to take my best friend to Pistacia Vera for dessert or dinner at The Surly Girl or maybe Tip Top. I can’t decide.

I recently heard about a great Italian wine pairing meal Cotter’s serves ever few months. My friends went and said it was amazing. Until I can go to that, I’m thinking about giving Cotter’s a try for restaurant week. Their menu doesn’t look half bad but again they’re closed on the 7th as well.

There are too many choices this restaurant week (40 if you’re counting). Regardless of how many restaurants I get to visit next week, I know this will be a successful weekend for the restaurants of Dine Originals! Where will you be going?

2 Responses to “Restaurant Week, Dine Originals Columbus, September 7-13”

  1. Good picks! Looking forward to hearing what you think of Alana’s if you make it there! 😀

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