Eating our way through New York City

Our trip to NYC for Labor Day weekend was great. The weather was beautiful, cool and clear, almost the whole time. My parents were with my bf and I for the weekend. While my parents drove to NYC a day ahead of us, we flew through Newark.

We had a wedding in Connecticut on Saturday which was our motivation for the long-weekend trip. We stayed in the city in an apartment that we borrow from my mom’s friend. And having my mother on the trip with us was a special benefit as she made us breakfast every morning.

We had a packed weekend including a winning trip to the Met’s stadium (thank you Itinerant Foodies for the suggestions of the Shake Shack: our burgers were awesome! Who knew you could have cold lettuce and fresh tomato on a burger in a baseball stadium?), a glance at the U.S. Open, a beautiful wedding in CT, a tram ride to Roosevelt Island and a beautiful afternoon on Governor’s Island.

The highlights of the weekend however are the meals. Like I mention above we went to the Met’s stadium and had two of the best stadium burgers of our lives. Earlier in the day we started a walk downtown with a stop at Yohan Schimmel Knishery. We balanced two piping hot kanish (one original potato and one mozzarella jalapeño) in our palms while gawked at two women screaming at each other on the sidewalk after bumping shoulders. Rarely do you hear a well dressed woman scream at another well dressed woman, calling her an animal. It was nuts.

For dinner we walked a couple blocks over to Paul and Jimmy’s for Italian food. There we indulged in a bottle of red and veal. I know a lot of people are not into veal but our family cannot help it. We don’t eat it often but when we’re in NYC and eating Italian, I’ve noticed my parents and I always gravitate to the back of the menu and indulge. I had Scallopini Sorrentina which is veal baked with eggplant, mozzarella and prosciutto. My bf had the Spiedini alla Siciliana which is veal stuffed with provolone and prosciutto. We were all suckers for the veal but I think the best dish was my dad’s appetizer of Frutti di Mare. It’s a simple dish of assorted seafood marinated in olive oil, garlic and lemon but it was completely amazing. It was so simple, fresh and delicious. I also had an appetizer sized portion of Pasta Carbonara before my veal. It was so delicious.

My favorite part of the evening though was taking my bf to Veniero’s for dessert. This place is really special to my family. It’s our favorite place for Italian cookies. My grandma used to mail us boxes of cookies to help tide us over until we were next in NYC for a visit.

We reserve Ferrara’s in Little Italy for the cannoli, which was good because Veniero’s was sold out by the time we arrived around 9 p.m., I love their napoleons but that night I had chocolate mousse. My mother’s favorite, sfogliatella, was sold out. She chose instead a Lobster Tail with chocolate filling.

Over all it’s a good thing we did so much walking on our trip considering every time we were standing still, it was to eat. My family is extremely obsessed with the delicious food of the east coast. IN fact that is why my parents chose to drove this past weekend. This way they were able to bring their coolers, trek back up to Connecticut to their favorite butcher shop, and bring home 50 lbs of Italian sausage. She orders it ahead of time and the guy behind the counter refers to her as his “Cincinnati Connection.”

If you go:
Yohan Schimmel Knishery, 137 East Houston Street between 1st & 2nd

Veniero’s, 342 East 11th Street

Ferrara, 195 Grand Street between Mott and Mulberry Streets

Paul and Jimmy’s, 123 East 18th Street

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