The Clarmont, Restaurant Week September, 2009

I was anxiously awaiting the second round of Dine Originals Restaurant Week and it fell on an unfortunate week. We were in NYC the weekend before Restaurant Week and I predicted I wouldn’t be in the mood to eat out too much once I was home. I was right. However we chose wisely and hit up two of our favorites: the Clarmont and Pistacia Vera.

Since Pistacia Vera’s hours don’t match up with my personal hours, we ran in Thursday night about five minutes before close and got the RW dessert menu to go. Once home we ate a thrown together dinner of leftovers and grilled cheese and then indulged in Pistacia Vera’s best desserts! My favorite was a mint chocolate macaroons!

We headed to the Clarmont on Friday, finally!!! We were stupid enough not to make reservations and to wing it even though the parking long was jam packed with Cadillacs and historical cars. We got in early and of course everyone’s grandparents had filled the restaurant–and the bar!

We scored the last seat and waited for another vacant seat. Soon enough we had two seats together. I love how the bar and the stools are so low. They are especially comfortable.

Our bartender Angie did a great job juggling the full bar and the questions about her marital status (not from us but from the obnoxious people). We didn’t look at the menu and ordered the filet and crab cakes and the lobsters.

I had the best time digging into the lobsters. It’s like riding a bike, I joked to the elderly men at the corner of the bar who questions whether I was schooling my bf or the other way around. Every Christmas Eve we eat a dinner of only seafood and when we were little, and there were fewer of us, we used to get whole lobsters at the grocery store, live. My dad always did his impression of the lobsters screaming as he tossed them in the boiling water. Anyway once you learn how to crack the claws open and pull out the tail meat. Plus the green goop in the middle will always remind you not to bother with the body of the lobster.

Anyway, to keep this short: it was a great experience. It’s been years since I’ve had whole lobster and I enjoyed getting dirty and cracking into it. And the Clarmont itself is a fun experience. It’s so old school from the clientele to the classic steak dishes on the menu to the sign out front.

If you go:
The Clarmont
684 S High St
Columbus, OH 43215-5646
(614) 443-1125

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