Lynd Fruit Farm (again!)

Just a quick post here… after a very long and very fun weekend in Licking County, we decided to go past Lynd’s Fruit Farm to get more apples yesterday. A couple weeks ago I split 40 lbs of apples with my best friend. This time my bf and I brought all 40 lb home for us, mostly with the plan to juice them (and make applesauce… and apple crisp… and a pie or two… but mostly juice).

The sun hid behind grey puffy clouds the whole time we were at Lynd (the picture above is from my previous trip… the long weekend killed my camera battery last night!). The wind was blowing and it was quite chilly so we quickly filled two 20 lb bags: one was full of red delicious and another full of jonathon gold. I was afraid the mud was going to be a problem as I was not dressed appropriately but it was a lot dryer in the apple fields than I pictured!

Many apple trees were picked clean however we didn’t have a hard time finding enough apples to fill our bag. In fact having the lower branches cleaned off made for a little more fun as you could climb up a little bit to reach the higher apples.

The pumpkin patch was packed too but I already picked up our pumpkin a couple weeks ago. I thought about getting another, in case our pumpkin is hijacked and smashed in the middle of the street (I have seen a couple smashed pumpkins in the streets lately… not what I like to see!) but I didn’t.

Yesterday we were able to get in and out of the u-pick fields in about 20 minutes and this morning I sipped on the reddest, sweetest apple juice you’ll ever taste. Delicious.

Don’t forget to check Lynd’s blog. They’re on facebook and twitter too (so am I!)!

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