Griggs Reservoir

Sadly, yesterday was probably the last warm day of fall. And nothing reminds you of the cold, rainy weather that is to come like Saturday’s weather. So when I woke up to blue skies yesterday I made it my goal to get outside and go for a hike. We forfeited going to the bar to watch profootball (some needed more convincing than others) and headed to Griggs Reservoir.

Griggs Reservoir is just south of the intersection of Lane Avenue and Riverside Drive. The trail runs parallel to Riverside drive along the river. We pulled in around Lane and Riverside and parked in the first lot we found. Unfortunately you don’t get the best view of the actual dam as they don’t want you to get too close so we headed north through a chain of parking lots that are all connected. We walked past boat docks and rowing equipment.

I was a little disappointed to realize we got out of the car too early. We walked along, having to stay aware of passing cars although there were other walkers undeterred by the vehicles. Regardless the view was beautiful. This far south there is a no wake zone and barrels floating in the water to keep boaters away from the dam so it’s especially quiet. I’m assuming this is where most of the rowing takes place?

About 30 minutes into our walk we can to a dirt trail. The activity on the water picked up and we saw two boats, one with a water skier. The further north we went the more visible the beautiful houses are. I loved how there were cement tables strategically placed so students could study or read while sitting among tall trees and along the river. Around this area is where you start to notice speed boats on the river, enjoying their last attempts to enjoy “summer.” There was a water skier going past and we all laughed at how crazy they are because to us it was so cold!

There were so many people walking; some people were exercising, others were strolling along. Dogs are allowed on the trail and there were many to see. It was a great way to close out the fall.

Griggs Reservoir information
2933 Riverside Drive
Columbus, OH 43221

2 Responses to “Griggs Reservoir”

  1. You missed the Speakmon Regatta by one day. (it was Saturday) Rowers from ALL over, and the starting point is the Hayden Run bridge- finish line is past the Fishinger Bridge. Rowers use the whole river when the ski boats aren’t out. During the height of the summer, they tend to stay south of Fishinger, and they’re always close to the shoreline.
    Had you gone on Saturday, you never would have found a place to park!!!!

  2. Ha! Funny! Too bad we missed it! WOuld have been neat to watch!

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