Review: Black Creek Bistro, Restaurant Week Columbus

It’s been a hell of a week for me. In fact I’m still recuperating which is why this is so late. I celebrated the beginning of the end of the week by going to Black Creek Bistro with friends on Thursday night. Taking advantage of Restaurant Week Columbus, I got a taste of a restaurant that I’ve heard only good things about without breaking the budget. The surprising thing? I didn’t even use the Restaurant Week menu!

The Restaurant Week menu looked pretty good however what really caught my eye was the slow-roasted duck gnocchi. They may call it a small plate but I’ll call it a just the right amount plate. The gnocchi dumplings were big and soft and you could tell they were homemade. The duck was the slightest bit dry but had a delicious flavor. There was just enough garlic cream sauce for each bite. The cranberries added a sweetness to break up the savory. It was so delicious.

Before the gnocchi I had the house salad which consisted of a spring mix with dried cranberries, pecans, and goat cheese. Apparently the goat cheese is homemade (my friend told me, not my server). It was creamy, luscious, and a bit saltier than what I buy at the store. Now that all restaurants are offering a salad of nuts (walnuts or pecans), cranberries and goat cheese, I wonder could think of something new? I should have skipped the samad and ordered the calamari. My friend ordered it and it looked delicious. Big pieces of calamari, golden brown. I was drooling.

I tasted almost everything on the Restaurant Week menu. The mini bistro egg rolls were a fascinating mix of savory bacon and sweet strawberry puree, almost like fried waffles with syrup. The pork mushrooms and wine was delicious.

Our server saved the last butterscotch pudding for one of my friends at the table while everyone else had to get the vanilla rice pudding. I’m not the hugest fan of either but everyone said they were a chilled and sweet finish to the meal.

I will definitely going back to take advantage of the happy hour specials that the Restaurant Widow boasts of. All in all I think Restaurant Week Columbus was a success. I’d love to hear how successful Dine Originals Columbus thinks the week was. I’m hoping Restaurant Week Columbus will take place every 6 months so we can take advantage of the varying menus a couple restaurants at a time. With over 40 restaurants participating, and the various seasonal menus, this could be a great tradition to Columbus dining!

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3 Responses to “Review: Black Creek Bistro, Restaurant Week Columbus”

  1. Great review! Glad you had a good time at Black Creek Bistro. I’ve only been once, but need to make it a more regular haunt. Their happy hour coupled with their bistro menu coupled with the fact that they’re two blocks from my house should mean plenty of summer strolls over there. 😉

  2. I was disappointed by Black Creek Bistro. I know it’s supposedly the golden child of Columbus restaurants, but I find it over priced and over hyped. A dinner salad, which is the size of a small side salad, is $6 and not in the least bit filling. I’ve also had the grilled cheese for lunch. It was two thick pieces of bread with one tiny, lonely piece of cheese. The cheese didn’t even cover all the bread. And their mixed drinks have the minimal amount of liquor allowed to still be considered a mixed drink. Overall, I have time and time again been disappointed. I don’t think I’ll be going back.

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